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A Short Overview

SINCE THE SUMMER SEMESTER 2005 the Berlin Weissensee School of Art offers a postgraduate Masters Programm in Art Therapy in co-operation with Kunsttherapie Berlin, Kolleg für Weiterbildung und Forschung.

ART THERAPY MAKES USE OFT ART MATERIALS, pictures and sculpture as well as artistic processes themselves as a means for patients/clients to express their experiences, thoughts, feelings and fantasies. These artistic processes and art products are used to help patients/clients become aware of their hidden feelings, desires, memories and problems as well as to support to recognize their abilities. This way, art therapy can help to gain a better understanding of oneself, explore one’s live and experiment with changes.

APPLICANTS for this three year part-time program must have successfully completed a university or an academic university-level course in a subject related to art, education, psychology, medicine or social sciences. They must also demonstrate artisitic aptitude, the equivalent of one year full-time work experience in social fields.

The study program is aimed to students who want to remain at work. The courses are taught on weekend block seminars. Additional time for practicum / internship must be considered. 

TEACHING LANGUAGE is German, a few guest lectures may be in English. The level of German must be C INFORMATION here

Foreign applicants must show sufficient capacity in German understanding, speaking and writing.

For more INFORMATION and ADMISSIONREQUIREMENTS please see other pages.

Consultation hours (English spoken) on Thursdays 11.00am – 1pm.

Tel.: 0049.30.9628.4550, Address: D - 10386 Berlin, Schönstr. 90